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Attention To The Purchase Of Brake Pads

Pay attention to four choices when choosing brake pads

Four look-first, look at the friction coefficient, the friction coefficient determines the basic braking torque of the brake pads, too high will cause wheel lock, direction loss and burning during the braking process, too low the braking distance is too long;

Second, depending on safety, the brake pads will generate instantaneous high temperature during braking, especially during high-speed driving or emergency braking, the friction coefficient of the friction pad will decrease under high temperature conditions;

Three to see whether it is comfortable, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, odor, etc., is a direct manifestation of friction performance;

Four look at life, usually brake pads can guarantee a life of 30,000 kilometers.

Two choices-First of all, you should choose a brake pad produced by a regular manufacturer with a license number, specified friction coefficient, and implementation standards, and there should be a certificate of conformity, production batch number, and production date in the box;

Secondly, choose to go to a professional maintenance point and ask a professional to install it.