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High-performance Brake Pads Are To Improve The Braking Force

High-performance brake pads are the most direct, effective, and simple way to improve braking power. At present, most high-performance brake pads use carbon fiber and metal materials as the main raw materials, and emphasize the environmental protection formula without asbestos. Because the Know-How of the brake pads is in the formula of the material, the consumer cannot know the actual material from the product label, so the choice of the brake pads is based on the friction coefficient-temperature curve provided by the manufacturer and the applicable working temperature. (If any), it can only be used as a reference from the test report or experience of professional media. Some owners misused purely competitive brake pads, and paid a high price to get a brake effect that is worse than the original brake pads. The reason is that its gentle driving method has prevented the brake pads from reaching the most basic working temperature. The effect is of course poor. The most common problem encountered when changing brake pads is the accompanying noise. If the disc is flat, then there is no solution. If you want to accept it, you should replace it.