Linyi Mugu Wood, which was originated of Linyi Sending wood factory, which was established at year 2002. It is located at Linyi city, the biggest plywood producing base in China. 

Based on the 12 years' factory operating experience, with the good supplying of the veneers and logs, we are professional and specializing in the supplying of the high quality fancy veneered plywood/MDF, melamine plywood and polyester plywood for furniture used, with the face veneers of Teak, Red Oak, Walnut, Sapelle, Beech, Maple, etc. Most of D&H products are exported to Mexico, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, South Korea, India, Thailand, and some other countries of Asia. 

With the support of many customers, we also have a good resourcing for other products, such as film faced plywood, commercial plywood, MDF, all kinds of natural and EV veneers. Besides the wood products, we also supply some building materials, such as the steel nails, galvanized wires, PVC edge banding, etc. 

Mugu Wood always supply the  products with the best quality. Mugu Wood, is always worth your trust!

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